Drama Has Confidence

Created By Zoey Futch

         The Drama Department is feeling very confident this season, they are proud and excited for the productions that are coming out this year. I was able to speak to the director of the productions, Mrs. Owensby, to get more detail about this season and her backstory to becoming a drama teacher/director. When I spoke with her one on one, I started asking about how the productions are going, Mrs.Owensby claimed that “they have put in a lot of effort…. we don’t do everything at once together, during rehearsals we have stations. One for choreography, one for set design, one for table reading, one for blocking, etc” Mrs.Owensby stated. “The main productions that are coming out this year are Honk, a children’s show that will be coming out on October 6th, kids 12 and younger get in for free.


        The other one is The Other Room, there will be three showings of that including the Drama Department competition at the SC Theater Association Festival on November 11th and at the White Knoll theater. They will be also doing competitions of The Addams Family at the River Bluff theater in the spring.
Finally, I asked her where it all started for her drama career. ” I got inspired by my old English teacher, Mrs. Doedy, she was like a second mom to me and I have a lot of great memories with Mrs. Doedy like her taking me to my first play when I was little. So me being a student of hers started it all. When I got older and started to become a drama teacher, I got motivated to teach young students because I love to see the creation of the students and I love seeing their true colors.” Mrs.Owensby also stated.

          The students in the Drama Department are working really hard to get everything together, and if you want to see them live, their first show in Honk on October 6th in the theater, bring your cousin or sibling and enjoy the show at 6. Finally on Veteran’s Day, the White Knoll Drama Department will perform Yorktown from Hamilton in the theater.


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