The WKHS Archery Team


The WKHS Archery Team is an organization that participates in many competitions throughout the year. It is filled with members that become close friends through the team.
Mr. Fulmer, the archery coach, says, “I love archery because anyone can do it. It takes no special skills other than patience and concentration.” He also claims that archery is a great way to relax. Rebecca Shumpert, a member of the team, says that, “It’s fun to shoot stuff, but I mostly enjoy archery because of the people. I low-key love everyone on the team and they are the reason I still stay on the team.”
Archery is a good way for students to expand their horizons and participate in something a little different than the usual sports that are mainly focused on athleticism. “Doing archery in school provides a non-traditional sport or activity for students and that is always beneficial,” Mr. Fulmer adds.
Archery isn’t just about competitions and shooting, it’s about making good friends and learning important life-lessons. Dedication, concentration, and patience are all important aspects that make the archery team what it is. Rebecca states that, “It’s a really fun experience, I just wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t have a thick skin.” Though it’s too late to join the team this year, you can support them in their next competition in October


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