One Idol

One Idolstudent-project-gallery-logo_1
Alone as I could be
no one else-all but forgotten.
Walking a path of anger and rage
a fire burning in my heart.
But as the fire burns there is also ice-
covering my heart.
This ice and fire do not mix.
My heart cries out -a battle that I am in,
not known to me yet.
Walking this path of un-holiness, unrighteousness-
so disgusting, so sinful.
This path sickens me,
with all the idols that I have or want.
All I need is to find the one idol for me-
the one that will cleanse and purify,
that carries no sin in my heart-
but a Spirit of the most holies of holies.
I walk and walk until I find the truth-
the truths of truths.
The only truth that is worth hearing-
listening to, obeying.
I have found my idol-
my Love and Life-my Only.
My God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ.
I read the Bible.
I asked Him into my heart.
I am finally cleansed and purified.
Now I walk the path of righteousness-
I will follow in Jesus’ footsteps.
Casey Hetzel-Van Tine

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