Two Swimmers Make State for First Time

Two Swimmers Make State Meet for First Time  By: Brianna Carter

Congratulations to the WKHS Swimmers for their awesome performances in the Region Championship Meet at the Augusta Aquatic Center on October 1, 2016.  Two WKHS swimmers made it to the 5A State Championship Meet held on October 7, 2016 – Lara Federspiel and Ben Warren.

Scoring points for the team in Augusta in either individual or relay events were Abbie Wilson, Lauren Nagel, Hailey Liafsha, Chase Jordan, Skyler Blume, Chance Purscell, Austin Primm, Lara Federspiel, and Ben Warren, with the last three athletes mentioned placing in the top 10 in their individual events.  Other swimmers placing in the top 20 in their individual events were Skyler Blume, Abbie Wilson, Alex Corley, Clay Crews, Mykayla Purscell, Hailey Liafsha, Lauren Nagel, Ricky Parker, Chance Purscell, and Julie Rose.

All of the relays that swam this weekend got best times! These were made up of Julie Rose, Faith Holmes, Mykayla Purscell, Amber Shannon, Austin Primm, Clay Crews, Alex Corley, Ricky Parker, Hailey Liafsha, Lauren Nagel, Abbie Wilson, Lara Federspiel, Chance Purscell, Chase Jordan, Ben Warren, Skyler Blume, Caroline Hall, and Andrew Cline.  Swimmers who got lifetime best times in the meet in their individual events were Alex Corley, Clay Crews, Lara Federspiel, Faith Holmes, Chase Jordan, Nolon Shannon, Ben Warren, Julie Rose, Hailey Liafsha, Ricky Parker, Austin Primm, Chance Purscell, Mykayla Purscell, and Amber Shannon.

Ben and Lara swam in the 5A State Championship Meet on Friday night, October 7th at the USC Blatt Natatorium. Ben is a senior at WKHS and has been swimming for seven years. Lara is an eighth grader at WKMS and has been swimming since she was seven years old.

Two Swimmers Make 5A State Meet for First Time

According to Ben during practice the coach has them on a certain list of things that they do.Each swim meet consists of 500 and 100 meter races. He said he has never made it to the 5A state swim meet before. Lara said she competed in the 100 yard back stroke in the 5A state meet. This is the first time either swimmer made it to the 5A state meet. Lara also swims on a year round team, the CA Aquatics at the University of California. She practices every day for three hours.

Congratulations to these two awesome athletes.


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