More Student Poetry

The Sky Is My Companion  By: Casey Hetzel-VanTine

The adrenaline is so good. It feels so great. The height is maximum. The horizon is beautiful I don’t know what I’d ever do without it. I can see the sun dancing along the horizon. Time has gone by and now the sun is saying good bye. Oh where are you going my friend. That’s strange. The sky must be sad. It’s crying. It’s crying out to me in pain. It needs my help. I can feel we are connected. As it is crying out to me, I cry out in pain with it also. Our hearts sync, beating at the same pace. As my heart rhythm becomes one with that of the sky’s, I will finally be. It is time. I let go all of my pain and give to the sky. I become one with the sky. I become apart of it. I become a rain drop.

Crushed Roses   By: Alana Fleming 

Crushed Roses 

Your words, they crush me 

Weighing heavy on my chest 

Squeezing at my neck 

Each syllable that slips from your pretty lips heats my heart 

Your words, they eat me. 

I sigh, hoping to release the pain in my gut, but I unleashed it to new places that I didn’t know pain could touch. 

Your words, they taint my confidence; they’re scribbled in my mind, carved in my heart like our initials on the tree. 

Your words, they crush the roses planted in my soul, the garden that bloomed while you held me. The soft petals that smelled of you, crushed by their gardener. You. 

Your words, they’re accusing, they know no love, they want no reply. 

Your words, they drive me, feed me, make me. 

Your words, they build me, they remind me, they speak to me every day. 

Your words reminded me of who must love me, they cleared the smoke slowly; your words bit my tears late at night in my sleep. 

But in the morning, crushed petals were in my soul but roots running deep. 

The Sea  By: Alana Fleming

His eyes were as blue as the sea,

I jumped in, dove in, willing 

His words were the waves, 

They crashed into me

Drug out to sea, swept under, willingly

He was strong, in more ways than one

Like the tide, taking anyone 

His kisses were the salt spray, 

Refreshing, stinging my wounds for the better 

I was so willing my sea forgotten, 

I was the daughter of Poseidon 

A deity his waves could never match

He drug me into his depths, the murky waters of his heart 

But he could never drown me. 

He could never scare me.



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