img_5048After seeing a lot of negativity and hostility on social media following an especially divisive election, a couple of the senior girls’ soccer players wanted to make a difference.
They created “Compliment Mirrors” in all 8 of the girls’ bathrooms off the commons area. They wanted to spread positivity by leaving notes for students that were filled with compliments and encouragement. Most of the notes are playful and filled with words like “SLAY,” “FLEEK,” and “POPPIN,'” but some are very powerful , “You are not alone.” “You are forgiven.” “You are enough.”
Let this story of hope brighten the day. It truly is amazing what students can teach adults.
The girls would like to send a special “Thank you” to the administration for allowing the them to do this, especially Mr. Russell who ended up being tracked down and singled out by a couple very persistent young ladies.

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