imageNAHS is the National Art Honor Society. It is a nationally chartered art organization. They create art projects outside of school, have speakers and presentations for the group, do some volunteer work, and have enrichment imageactivities such as an annual trip to the Columbia Museum of Art for art workshops and some other art-related field trip. It is a club where students come if they have an interest in art and want to come to a place with other students who also enjoy art.

If students want to get in, there is an announcement the beginning of every semester through the wolf view and word-of-mouth. They have to submit a portfolio of four 2D pieces of artwork (drawing, painting ect.) and one 3D artwork (sculptures, ceramics ect.). They also need to fill out an application.

NAHS membership looks good on college and job applications, and students can also wear a special set of honor cords when they graduate. People participate in NAHS because it helps improve your art skills through additional instruction and experience with art-making. We asked Mr. West, WKHS art and photography teacher what he thinks about NAHS. “I like it,” he says. “And I think students like it, because the love for and interest in art brings people together, even if they are otherwise very different. It’s a supportive environment where we share our interests and encourage one another.” If you want to join, look out for the announcement about applications on the wolf view next semester.


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