World language

Taking world language helps you to learn a new language that you’ve never spoken before. It helps you learn new culture and it also improves your knowledge about the world around you. The most important thing a student can learn is that not everyone thinks the same way. It is important to broaden your perspective on international issues, especially in the high conflict areas of the world. A lot of discord can be averted if people know how to greet and speak to each other appropriately. So many issues arise from a perceived insult, when in reality the other person was unaware that what they were doing could be very insulting. Also – on a lighter note, a student can discover a food, music, art form, etc. that they would not have found without language study.
Today’s world requires knowing more than English. If you want to be competitive for universities, scholarships, etc. you will need world languages. More and more employers are looking for image
candidates with abilities in more than one language. We are living in world markets, world economy and world politics. We can no longer afford to isolate ourselves through language.
We asked Ms. Hnat, World Language Dept. Chair and French Teacher why she liked teaching French and she said, “First I love the language, its rich culture in the arts and its influence on English. Secondly, I love introducing students to the fact that French is one of the few languages on multiple continents.”
Ms. Hnat has also had experience traveling throughout Europe. We asked her what her experiences were like going there and she replied, “I went to high school in Belgium, so I have had a lot of experiences traveling throughout Europe. I love it. I love the food, using different languages, the incredible beauty of ancient monuments to really interesting contemporary structures. I love the different cultures.” So if you’re interested in going to college, looking for a job etc. or just having a broader range of experience available to you then you should join in on the world of world language.


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