White Knoll Honors Theatre Presents “Peter Pan”

By: Nitzia Orozco

On October 19th, the White Knoll Honors theatre class will present the play of Peter Pan, which was originally written by J.M. Barrie. Theatre teacher, Ms. Owensby, has directed the best of her ability to perfect the play and states “There is a cast of forty six white Knoll students that have all worked super hard on it.” Sebastian Liafsha, a sophomore student who plays Peter Pan, has been working very hard on his role and has even studied the Peter Pan movie and book to try to perfect the character in the play. As Liafsha was describing rehearsals he talked about his fight scene with Captain Hook and how they had to “make sure they knew the choreography,” so no one would get hurt. The club president of the Timberwolf Alliance for Dramatic Arts, also known as TADA, Evan Hulon has shown much support for the play and encourages everyone to go out and support their fellow peers. Huron states that “the show is great to bring younger siblings or younger relatives.” It is also a great way to relive your childhood by watching a Disney classic! Show your White Knoll pride and support the arts!


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