Editorial: Life as A Freshman

By: Jordan Patterson

Freshman year for me was my favorite year. I got prepared for my years to come, I met so many new people and made a ton of friends, and I started to experience a whole new world: high school. Although I am a sophomore now, I decided to talk to a freshman because I wanted to hear her opinions and different likes and dislikes so far about high school and ask if we may compare some interests from my freshman year which others could do also.

When I asked Tiffanie about how her experience has been at White Knoll High School up to this point her response was “It’s basically like middle school but my classes are mixed with other grades. It’s alright I suppose.” Based on my own personal experience, I don’t think I agree with Tiffanie. Our classes are mixed with other grades which is very different from middle school but to me middle school is nothing like high school. You have semester classes, a lot more freedom, an open long lunch, just everything is simply different.

When elaborating further on the differences between middle school and high school. Tiffanie said “You get to do more things on your own, like ILT. You’re able to do your own work and you’re separated from everything else.” I think that high school is a much better experience than middle school. My experience at middle school wasn’t so good, and I felt like it didn’t prepare me for high school at all like high school prepares students for college.

For most students, moving from middle school to high school is a major transition that some people struggle with. However, Tiffanie seems to be adjusting. “I’m transitioning fine, it’s not difficult. I feel like I need to fit in more because I was just the highest grade of middle school and I am a baby freshman now.” I think the adjustment for me was really hard because there was a lot more work, the kids are a lot more mean especially for freshman kids.

While some of the changes from middle school can be difficult, there are others that are enjoyable. As Tiffanie says, “I don’t like the time length of each block. I don’t like how short of time between classes. I like having ILT because I like to do my work somewhere other than home. Also I love how classes only last a semester. In middle school classes last all year.” I absolutely agree with Tiffanie because everything she said was true, except for the time length of each block. Last year I also thought it was very long but by second semester I got used to it. I think it is a good time length because you learn a lot in your classes and it gives you just enough time to learn it all and not get behind, plus sometimes a little free time.

Overall, Tiffanie is enjoying high school so far which is good. High school is an important part of growing up. There are more things to learn and new people to meet. Everybody should try their best to enjoy the high school experience.


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