Give Thanks on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and a time to reminisce. Family is love and love is family. Some people may celebrate just for the food and others may celebrate to give thanks. I celebrate to spend time with my family and especially to eat food. Turkey is known to be the most eaten food during this holiday. Ham and Mac n Cheese is the 2nd most eaten food. Some more common foods people eat are collard greens, yams, stuffing/dressing, beats, chicken, cobbler, and many more. Thanksgiving comes with many traditions. Coming together to eat, listen to music, pray together, reminisce, and play cards are thing that families do. Coming together is important because you never know when your last day on earth will be. Family is the best reason to be thankful. “My family comes to my house, but most of the time I travel to New York.” says Ty Bellinger. Families may travel and some may not. But who cares it’s thanksgiving.


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