The Pack Place Produces Quality Gear

IMG_9481By: Jordan Patterson and Maggie Bedenbaugh

This year, White Knoll added a privilege a handful of other schools have already enjoyed:  its own spirit store. The Pack Place got started just before school started and has taken off since then. It’s primarily run by the Management class and its teacher Mrs. Gallegos.

The management class is a very hard working class that is all about designing school shirts, hats, hoodies, and more. We talked to them about different inspirations and more because we were interested in the different designs that students have been sporting all over school.

When we asked Griffin Miller, a student from the Management class, what inspires him and his classmates for ideas on White Knoll designs, he said “Just like seeing things around the school and different brands. Seeing other school designs and taking it and personalizing it for us.” While coming up with designs from scratch can be quite difficult for people who generally lack creativity, the Pack Place Crew does a great job using their imagination.IMG_9486

We talked to the teacher Mrs. Shauna Gallegos to ask what her favorite design that they’ve created is so far, and she said “My favorite so far of custom orders would be the athletic training t-shirt designs and just the regular is the Wolves design because it’s so basic.” One of the more popular designs is on the hoodies that in the store on sale now because it is a great color combination, represents the school well, and is perfect for the season.

Next we spoke with Griffin about how long he has been in Management and what his favorite part about it is. He answered, “I have been in management for this school year, and my favorite part about it is the creativity and being able to design just from an idea.” Based on Griffin’s opinion and everything else we learned, management seems like a great class and it could prepare people for the future. It is creative and sounds like a lot of fun.

Lastly, we spoke with Mrs.Gallegos again asking whether it is hard or easy designing for management, and she said “It is really difficult because you never know what people are going to think or like or what is going to be popular for different people.” Many people could relate to this in their own way for what they just wear to school or out because they are worried what others might think.



Overall, the Management class is very hard working and has a lot of talent. White Knoll is very fortunate to have such hard working students and teachers who are happy to help the school.


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