4 Great Winter Hacks to Stay Warm

IMG_3376By:SeQuoia Myles, Leah Hooks, and Dylan Stokes

Winter time is finally here and so is the chilly weather that comes with it, so we have found some easy ways to stay warm during the winter season without breaking your bank. From things you can find in your home to cheap useful items in stores, you will never be cold during winter again. Here are our winter hacks that we have found for you.

DIY Heated Gloves
Standing outside and waiting for the bus is a bummer, especially now that it is cold outside. As timegoes by, it’s getting and colder, and instead of being forced to keep your hands trenched in your pockets, just wear gloves! But not just any gloves, IMG_3373heated ones!! Don’t go out and spend big bucks on a pair either. You can easily make your own for no cost at all. All you need to do is sew a small pocket filled with rice into a pair of gloves you already own, and place them in the microwave for no more than a few seconds. They should be warm but not hot to the touch. When you put your hands inside, the heat trapped against your palm will make your hands feel nice and toasty. Now you never have suffer with cold hands!

Leave Your Oven Open
Say you decide to make some delicious Christmas cookies one night and it’s freezing cold outside. You are freezing your tail off and you don’t know what to do. Well here’s a fabulous tip IMG_3378to warm up your house when this situation is happening. Once the cookies are done and you take them out of the oven, leave the oven cracked open so that the heat that’s still in it can be used as a heat source. And if you’re not making cookies, maybe you should go ahead and make some. You’ll get a nice, tasty treat and a warm house!

Heated Clothes?!
Who doesn’t like the feeling of putting on warm clothes straight out of the dryer? This winter, experience that feeling every morning  by following these simples steps. How do I do this? You say. Well, all you haveto do is purchase a cheap adjustable heating pad, for example, one around $20 at your local Walmart. Then you take your heating pad, plug it in, and put it in your drawer underneath your clothes when you wake up, and adjust the temperature to your comfort level. Then when you put those clothes on later that morning you will be warm and comfortable during the winter cold.

Blow Dry Your Shoes
Ever get tired of leaving for school in the morning and your feet are freezing cold?

IMG_3379problem solved! Here’s a nifty way to keep your feet warm in the mornings. For this tip, all you need is a blow dryer. Right before you put your shoes on, be sure to take the blow dryer and blow that warm air into your shoes for a little bit. Then your shoes will be nice and toasty when you leave for school! Be sure to try this awesome idea out!


Sources: http://www.cheercrank.com/awesome-diy-winter-hacks/



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