White Knoll Music Department Concerts

Jordan Patterson and Maggie Bedenbaugh

      This year White Knoll High School is doing many things with their music program including recitals for Chorus, Orchestra, and Guitar. In this article you will learn a few different things from each program.

     The Guitar class, taught by Mr.Harris, is having a Christmas Recital on the 14th of December. Asking Mr.Harris what his class does to prepare for the recitals he sIMG_9129aid “We practice a lot and we pick out our music a couple weeks in advance. Also we go to the theater the day of the concert to practice.” Some of the songs they play include “Up on the House Top”, “Carol of the Bells”, and some Beatles song, Mr.Harris said “There are different groups in the recital and each group is going to play about four songs.” The guitar is a very beautiful and sentimental instrument. Based on their practicing and preparation, this concert sounds like it is going to be a good one.

    Orchestra is filled with many different instruments to create unique music. When we 
IMG_9235spoke to a student from the Orchestra class, taught by Mr.Pruitt, about their preparation, she said “We use about a quarter of the class preparing.” And some of the songs they will be performing at their concert on December 7th are “Cannon for Christmas”, and “Rhythmics Snapshot.”


       Singing is a very hard skill that takes a lot of dedication and hard work which White Knoll has done very well. We spoke with a student in Chorus about how they
IMG_9323prepare for concerts. , She said “We practice. When we get ready to go to concerts we go over all the songs and practice them.” The songs that Chorus will be singing are Christmas songs. Several special events are going on in this concert. The freshman choir and, the honors choir will be performing along with a special guest performance by the State Superintendent of Education, Molly Spearman. The students who were selected for the All-State Choir will also be honored. The concert is on December 12th.

     Overall, all of the recitals seem like they will be a big hit. Each class is working hard in preparation and doing what they need to to have a great show for the audience. Be sure to make it to each recital.


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