Net Neutrality: How will it Affect us?



Have you ever thought of a world where you would have to pay extra for your favorite online content and apps? Well, imagine that you did have to pay extra. For example, 10 dollars added for every 3 apps you like to use. Now add that amount to your current bill for your network. I’m guessing that your bill just jumped up a good bit. This is why we have a thing called Net Neutrality, so that way we can’t be charged extra for content we like.
What is Net Neutrality?
Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISP) must treat all data on the internet the same. That means providers can not intentionally slow down, block, or charge money for specific websites and online content. But recently, there has been a threat to the internet as we know it.
What Will Life Be Like Without Net Neutrality?
Without Net Neutrality, users of the internet would have to pay more for certain content. For example, news outlets, apps, browsers, and certain channels. This means that even though you have been paying one price for everything included in your network plan, now you will have to pay separate for the online content that you liked before.

What do Students Think?
Of course, this would have a big impact on teenagers today. Most teenagers use social media to interact with not only their friends, but the world. Senior, Ezaria Myles speaks out, “I think that it is stupid to end Net Neutrality because in today’s society everyone uses the internet, and for companies just to strip some of our free access away and make us pay extra for it is stupid.” This statement sums up the thought of almost everyone. Most people don’t agree with this idea of charging us extra for our usually free content, just so big companies can make more money off of their consumers.

Unfortunately, The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently already made the decision to revoke Net Neutrality. But, Congress can veto this and save this problem. In the end, if Net Neutrality gets totally revoked then there will most likely be protesting our right to access the internet without having to pay extra. Big companies can become more wealthy from the consumers of the company. So, what do you think about Net Neutrality?

By: SeQuoia Myles, Leah Hooks, and Dylan Stokes




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