FIA, I am a Fan

The Fan I Am Club is a unique club at White Knoll High School that teams students without cognitive disabilities with students who do have cognitive disabilities, through training and competition, social and recreational opportunities. This club at White Knoll High School provides opportunities to build students’ character, increase acceptance of disabilities, and develop leadership and other skills. They do this all in a service-learning environment that enhances the White Knoll School community. It is a club that reaches beyond the classroom and expands students’ social horizons. The need for teachers and students who have both the knowledge and the ability to teach special-education students is more critical today than ever before. Most students spend the majority of their days in general-education classrooms, rather than in separate special-education classes. In recent years, there has been additional tional push to take students with disabilities out of isolation and instead include them in general-education classes. The Fan I Am club and Project Unify both work together to give these students with disabilities an opportunity to interact with students outside of their classroom. White Knoll High school offers a great opportunity for children with disabilities to feel like they are at home and to have people to depend on no matter what. Children with disabilities are no different from us and we should treat them as if they are our own family. I encourage you to join the Fan I Am club of White Knoll High School to support children with disabilities.


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