Christmas is a Christian holiday honoring the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th. However, over time, Christmas has involved to be more of a secular and commercialized holiday celebrated by Christians and non-Christians alike.. Today, Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together and exchange gifts.He taught us that we all have the same source and are related to each other in some way or the other. Moreover, why only a few of us actually just exist and do some good to our existence. If you speculate you will come to know that only few of us only understand the real message of christmas. Gifts are showered down on children every Christmas. Many children would want toys while others would want a new pair of shoes or jeans. Families have different traditions such as; Caroling and lighting a christmas tree, or coming together to eat and open presents. The tradition in France is to display the Nativity scene until February 2nd, a date known as La Chandeleur. This date is forty days after Christmas Day. Le Réveillon de Noël is the Christmas Eve dinner. Around midnight, French families eat a special meal to celebrate the very beginning of Christmas Day.

Boxing Day is a secular holiday that is traditionally celebrated on December 26th, the day after Christmas Day. 26.

Christmas is one wonderful holiday and is the BEST time to give. So overall, you need to elaborate and exclude the religious overtones. You can talk about how Christmas originated as a celebration of the birth of Christ and that kind of stuff, but any “Jesus is the reason for the season” kind of ideas won’t fly with the powers that be. Maybe do a little bit of research on Christmas traditions around the world or throughout history and talk about those as well. You just need some more information and a bit more cohesiveness.


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