The Good, The Bad, Still A Pack

By Emily Okon & Andrew Gleason

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 8.41.45 AM

When you’re a student at White Knoll, we all hear rumors, we all rant about important things that later in the future will seem like the silliest thing. That’s what being a teenager is about, we all seem to think that another small blip on our otherwise ‘terrible’ lives is the end of the world. Not exactly. In this article, we discuss with faculty and with students what they like and what they don’t like about White Knoll High School. Everyone has an opinion and we wanted to give them the chance to express those thoughts.

Boredom has always been an issue for students; our attention span normally only lasts about  five to ten minutes, so it’s not a surprise that one faculty member had something to say about a standard student’s attention span. “Students get bored very easily, and I know that our school is working to improve their attention span.” says Jan Fogle who has been working for White Knoll in the library since the opening of our school in 2000. Working for the same school for 18 years gives her enough experience to be able to say when something needs to be done in school. Also, she would like for us to read more. Surprise, Surprise. She would like for students to read more books that we can enjoy and that we can truly love. She doesn’t want us just to read for class, but also to read for ourselves.

Another faculty member that we spoke to was one of our amazing School Resource Officers here at White Knoll. Many students don’t know who she is, but considering that she has been working here for 7 years, we definitely should. Officer Jamie Gwyn has been an SRO for 7 years, and she told us that she has always liked how diverse our school truly is. “I really like how diverse our school is and that we still get along well. At the beginning of this school year we had a lot of behavioral issues, but …everything settled down.” 

Our Commander in Chief, and Student Body President, Nicholas Quinn, spoke about how our school has already improved several things since he was a freshman. “White Knoll has done really well with redecorating the halls and filling in the blank spaces in general. I love seeing club posters up in the halls and I love seeing event flyers everywhere. It shows that we’re trying to get students more involved.” He stated that he wished more students participated in the pride events, he wants us to have more pride for our school, and several teachers and students agree with him.

Another student spoke about what she really loves about our school and what she wants to happen here. Skye Lease, a Junior says “The theatre program is great, but I think the dress code restrictions are a little crazy. I also think that we could have much more human respect for each other.” Miss Lease also talked about her schedule and how she doesn’t really want it to change because when she’s a senior she will already be adjusting to so much, that having a new schedule is going to be rough for her. Several students have mixed emotions about the new schedule for next year.

As you can imagine, like every other school, we have our issues, but we also have amazing opportunities here at White Knoll. We’re definitely working to improve the faults in our school, but nothing is perfect. When it comes to the ideas and activities at White Knoll, it doesn’t just affect the students but it also affects the teachers and the parents, along with our community. So we have to work together with our community to improve the school, but we’re working on it and that is the best we can do. Everyone makes an impact here and everyone has an impact upon each other, and we do our best to make all impacts positive ones. White Knoll High School is like a family; we don’t always like each other, but we’re still a wolf pack. Once a Timberwolf, always a Timberwolf.



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